Web-based Software

  • Completely web-based – no Citrix or remote desktop, no installation
  • Access your information from anywhere you can get an internet connection
  • Customize your system with over 15 colors & more than 100 fonts
  • Written in PHP – the fastest and most secure internet language available
  • 99.99% availability and uptime from anywhere
  • Multiple, redundant backups in real time to ensure data security
  • 128-bit SSL encryption from login to logoff
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery mechanisms in place
  • Hosted by HealthTrust Software, not a third-party server farm


Ease of Use

  • All forms were designed for quick, efficient data entry
  • No duplicative data entry ever required
  • All fields are labeled to help users learn the system easily
  • Easy to use menus – no menu trees or complicated navigation steps
  • Automatically formats dates and phone numbers for consistent data entry
  • It’s web-based, so users don’t have to install anything
  • Comprehensive – no need to use multiple programs and spreadsheets to run your agency


Point of Care

  • The only compliance-driven system available
  • Designed for security and reliability
  • No need for expensive hardware or air cards for internet access
  • Ability to access the patient’s medical record offline
  • Routine visits are automatically customized to the patient based upon the plan of care
  • Pediatric therapy and nursing point of care included
  • Validation screen shows compliance directors pertinent financial and compliance metrics before the visit is confirmed
  • User-friendly forms make completing a visit quick and easy
  • Forces the therapist to document all required information at the point of care



  • Track annual budgets by allocating expenses to contacts
  • Keep track of a physician or discharge planner’s likes, dislikes, and schedule
  • Know where your marketers are at all times
  • See how many referrals (& types of referrals) you receive per marketer or source
  • Analyze the performance of marketers and marketing campaigns to improve profits



Referral Management

  • Manage all referrals, not just admitted patients
  • Track pending admissions based upon unlimited criteria
  • Complete and track 3rd party referral forms directly in the system
  • Manage all intake duties within the program – without having to admit the patient
  • Analyze the performance of marketers and marketing campaigns to improve profits



Patient Management

  • Track patient information from referral to discharge
  • Create and track all plans of care, communication notes, and verbal orders
  • Diagnosis, procedures, and medications databases built in
  • Audit your patient records with only a couple of clicks!
  • Comprehensive medication profiles and coding prompts
  • Emergency tracking, triage, and mapping capabilities
  • OBQI, outcomes and discharge monitoring and statistics
  • 1-click anytime eligibility checks to Medicare so there is no more fighting with DDE



  • PT, OT and ST evaluations and visit notes
  • Schedule alerts if you are out of authorization or order
  • Texas Medicaid TP-1/TP-2 forms built in
  • Track multiple authorizations and orders automatically
  • Pediatric therapy and nursing point of care included
  • 60 day, 6 month and customized certification periods


Billing & Collections

  • Through years of billing and research at MJS & Associates we have developed the most user friendly billing system available
  • Built in validation to alert you of errors
  • EASY electronic billing through our system to Medicare, TMHP, & virtually every major commercial insurance, no more transmission of batch files
  • Rejected and accepted claim responses are collected back into the system so once you are in the software, there is no need to go to another website
  • Auto posting of contractual amounts!
  • Bill as much as you want, anytime and any day
  • Complete ledger system so you always know where you stand with each account


Financial Analysis

  • Analyze financial projections before the beginning of an episode
  • Analyze all personnel, supply, and visit costs before scheduling visits
  • Profit/Loss analysis at the time of referral based upon diagnosis trending
  • View a financial analysis and a compliance analysis side-by-side
  • Cost reporting with a click of a button
  • Over 60 financial reports built in
  • QuickConsultant analysis puts financial data at your fingertips without you doing anything


Employee Tracking

  • Manage all employee licenses, CPR, insurance, and more
  • Track employee costs at individual and discipline levels
  • Manage payroll functions, vacation pay, overtime pay, and more
  • Compute and track mileage costs and visit payrates
  • Complete scheduling so you know where everyone is all the time
  • Point of care maximizes compliant documentation for all clinicians




Dashboard and Metrics

  • Dashboards created for each home care position – marketer, compliance director, administrator, DON, CFO, owner, and more
  • Monitor all messages and tasks from one screen
  • View marketing, financial, operational, compliance and HR metrics from one screen
  • Get a snapshot of all pertinent metrics without having to do anything except log in!
  • Outcomes tracking and clinical warnings in one place




  • Over 140 reports available
  • Sort, filter and export reports easily and quickly
  • Export all reports to MS Excel, Adobe PDF or text files with one click
  • The best filters possible (imagine being able to see how many patients have Diabetes as a diagnoses, or which employees have expired car insurance, or how many high clinical domain patients are currently on service)
  • Financial reports made for the best CPAs in home care
  • Operational reports for administrators and DONs
  • Compliance reports for compliance directors and auditing personnel
  • Marketing reports for marketers, physicians and referral sources
  • Everything put into the system can be reported on!


Physician Portal

  • FREE – No additional charge to you or the physician
  • Physician Portal designed for marketing and order tracking
  • Everything is accessible from one screen, so your physicians don’t need to spend hours learning the system
  • Electronic signature capability built-in
  • Care plan oversight reports and tracking with built-in compliance protocols helps keep your physicians compliant
  • Electronic notification to the physician when a new order is created
  • You control what the physician is able to see and do
  • Messaging system allows physicians to contact the agency from within the system
  • Built in referral form helps the physician refer patients to the agency quickly



  • Built-in messaging functionality
  • Communicate with clinicians in the field through the software
  • Monitor all communications regarding particular patients
  • Communication notes, progress notes and more at the point of care and at the office
  • Free Physician’s Portal for easy communication with doctors
  • 3rd party referral forms for outsourced therapy
  • Automatic tracking of orders and messages keep everyone informed
  • Chat bar allows for easy communication in office between users or a group of employees, great for case conferences or meetings



  • Unlimited phone and email support included for free
  • Knowledgeable support staff are eager to not only answer questions, but to help agencies utilize the system more effectively
  • Since the program is web-based, there is no need to install any monitoring or trouble-shooting software
  • We also offer compliance consulting, account management (billing, collections, and financial management), continuing education classes, and advanced software training
  • OASIS, plan of care, and coding reviews available



  • Advanced training classes available online, onsite or at the HealthTrust Training Center
  • Free training courses over each section built in!
  • Free weekly webinars over different sections of the system
  • We also offer consulting, account management, OASIS and coding reviews, and compliance audits
  • Our QAPI program offers advanced compliance training and OBQI management – integrated with the software!



  • All updates and upgrades are free
  • Web-based – no installation of updates is necessary
  • Updated constantly – you get the best software and updates immediately
  • No need to wait for a service pack – the program is updated with enhancements weekly
  • Users can request and track updates and enhancements directly from the system

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