“I gotta tell you, this has been the best week since I’ve been with the company. My stress level has gone from an 8 to about a 4. My kids had hot meals this week and I was able to get in bed at a decent time most nights. I am totally in love with this new system and am so thankful for it…” Angela, Comfort Care Home Health

“I enjoy HTS it saves so much time for me. I can get my tasks done and get to work taking care of my patients.” Melissa Shaffer, Bethany Home Health

“In the beginning I thought wow I am never going to understand this. I recieved my training onsite and the staff was very knowledgable and it eased my fears. After returning home and now left to my own defenses, I was quick to realize that HTS help was just a phone call away… HTS has always gone the extra mile… I know that they are there when I need them.”
“HealthTrust Software is a valuable tool that enables our organization to run smoothly and efficiently. Their team is responsive, helpful and courteous. What a great resource!” Craig D. Porter, Cornerstone Pediatric Therapy
“The software make my job easier and better able to communicate with others to provide more efficient and consistent care for patients.”
“HealthTrust Software has made it easy to transition to computers!” Meagan- Bethany Home Health
“Our clinicians love the point of care. As an owner I love the simplicity of the billing modules and the ledger. As an administrator I love the reports that let me check for irregularities regarding missed frequencies and therapy productivity. HealthTrust Software is a recruiting tool for our agency and my clinicians view it as the Gold Standard in point of care software.” Michael Twilley, Sage Care Therapy
“During our recent survey our agency received ZERO deficiencies!.. HealthTrust Software has given our staff the ability to ensure accurate, complete documentation from point of care data entry in the field to review in the office.” Miracle Home Health
“We were able to explain how to use the software to someone with limited experience using a computer.” Michael Lee, Lifetouch Home Health
“Being able to document without an internet connection while in the patient’s home has saved a tremendous amount of office time! For the first time in months I am finally caught up with paperwork by the end of the day!” Julie, Lufkin, TX
“Our agency chose HealthTrust Software due to the excellent point of care documentation as well as the compliance features” Hollye, Texas
“Our initial hesitancy to believe the capabilities of the software outlined in the initial demonstrations were unfounded, as it has exceeded our expectations. In the nine months we have utilized HealthTrust, we have grown over 425% without having to add any non-clinician staff.” Terry Tunks, Owner, Child’s Play Therapeutic Homecare
“The fact that an RN was involved in the development was very obvious during the sales presentation & fit in well with our needs.” Stacey, Lafayette, LA
“I spoke to several company administrators regarding how the software works and they were very pleased.” Shontai