We first started designing the HealthTrust Software product over a decade ago in the development lab at MJS and Associates, the industry’s leading compliance consulting firm.  As the nurses at MJS audited medical records from all over the country, we compiled more than six million data points showing the compliance strengths and weaknesses of more than three hundred facilities.  The consulting team studied the clinical documentation, survey results, and financial data for physicians, DMEPOS suppliers, home health agencies, and hospices.  The legal team worked with healthcare attorneys representing providers in state and federal investigations, ZPIC audits, and regulatory filings.  The medical billing team worked with some of the largest Medicare and pediatric providers to audit, bill and collect hundreds of thousands of medical transactions.  While all of that was going on, we were utilizing that knowledge to develop the most compliant office management software in healthcare.

In 2001, BASICmjs, the first version of the software was released to a handful of home health agencies in Texas.  Even though the feature set was very “basic”, the response was overwhelming.  As agency after agency saw increased compliance, profitability and growth, we continued to add new features.  In 2004, the software was renamed “mjsONE” to signify that it was now the “one” complete solution for agencies seeking to operate with the utmost compliance and efficiency.

In 2009, HealthTrust Software (the company) was formed to continue the development and support of the mjsONE program.  The software, now simply called HealthTrust Software, is utilized by home health agencies, therapy staffing companies, outpatient rehab clinics, independent physical, occupational and speech therapists, private duty nursing agencies, and hospices across the nation. After three years and continuous 200% year over year growth, the software that started the compliance revolution is still changing healthcare, one provider at a time!