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HealthTrust Home Care is designed to maximize the compliance and efficiency of every task that a home health agency must perform every day.  By working closely with thousands of clinicians, administrators, billers, and back office personnel, HealthTrust Software has been able to create the most advanced system available.

Some of the key features that have helped HealthTrust Home Care become the gold standard for home health software include:

  • Built-in ZPIC audit controls developed by health care attorneys
  • Built-in care paths developed by compliance nurses
  • Built-in teaching guides so your nurses always have the best information on hand
  • Complete CRM to track applicants and contacts
  • Electronically fax orders directly from the software
  • HR module keeps all employee data in one place
  • Free Agency Analyzer & marketing tools to help grow your business
  • Capture real patient electronic signatures on Point of Care
  • Free physician portal
  • Automatic scheduling alerts that track orders, frequencies, and authorizations
  • Over 10 years of compliance based consulting
  • No “air cards” to buy!

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